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The Art Therapy Alliance on LinkedIn includes several groups on different topics and specific populations for sharing of information, ideas, resources, and meeting other art therapists who share interests on these topics:
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Art Therapy in Hospice, Bereavement, and Palliative Care
This subgroup of the Art Therapy Alliance is where art therapists working in hospice can share methods, resources, experiences, and questions freely and safely. 

Art Therapy and Social Action
Discuss topics and ideas exploring the use of art as a form of social action, agent of change and to exchange ideas that promote art therapy's role in social justice issues.

Mindfulness and Art Therapy
Explore the interface and application of mindfulness and art therapy. 

Art Therapy & Autism
Discuss and learn about the complex population of autism. Explore the latest trends in therapeutic methods that are being used successfully and how we as art therapists can integrate creative modalities into proven techniques and strategies.  

Art Therapy Student Networking Forum
An opportunity for students interested in art therapy or enrolled in an art therapy educational program to network with other students and art therapists, as well as access resources related to the profession of art therapy.

Materials and Media in Art Therapy
Discuss and exchange ideas related to a variety of media types and material approaches in relationship to the art therapist's work with different populations, settings, and personal art-making. 

Independent Practice & Art Therapy 
Professional art therapists who work in private practice, as contractors, or work independently with the support of grant funding can share resources, discuss ideas, and seek information related to this topic. 

Art Therapy & Older Adults with Neurodegenerative Disorders
A forum for the open exchange of ideas, articles, resources, news, and information relating to the older adult population. 

Medical Art Therapy
Dedicated to spreading knowledge and creating dialogue about art therapy within the medical milieu. Medical art therapy includes work with individuals and groups affected by illness and disability, medical professionals and caregivers, as well as the role of art therapy in health and wellness. 

Trauma and Loss
Dialogue & share ideas and resources related to art therapy, trauma, and loss issues.

International Art Therapy Research Collaborative
A place to share, discuss, and exchange information about art therapy research.

International Art Therapy
Discussions, dialogue, and sharing about international art therapy related topics.

Digital Art Therapy
Discuss practical ways to work with clients using technology and how art therapists are usinf technology. This can include digital photo collage, animation, film making, computer illustration, 3D drawing, e-zine, social networking, digital photography, music video, online art therapy, virtual world art therapy and more.