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The Art Therapy Alliance embraces social media and connection on-line to promote art therapy, the work of art therapists, and build community.

The Art Therapy Alliance community can be found here:

  • LinkedIn- Professionals, students and 13 subgroups make up the largest networking forum on this professional social media site for discussing contemporary and relevant art therapy topics, issues, and news; 
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  • Facebook- Fans stay connected to current news and happenings about art therapy and related topics here on FB;

  • Pinterest- Check out The Art Therapy Alliance's visual pin board featuring images, news, & ideas inspired by the spirit of art therapy, social media, community, and art for well-being.

  • Wordpress- Stay connected to The Art Therapy Alliance's official blog for updates and news about community news, projects, and collaborations; 

  • Polyvore-  This group was created on the site Polyvore for Art Therapy Alliance members to submit their works of art created with this on-line application;

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Art Therapy Alliance's Founder & Community Organizer: 
Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC. CTC-S has had a committed interest in forms of online networking and computer technology within the art therapy field since 1999, which includes creating, designing, and managing various websites, forums, and blogging related to art therapy, creativity, e-networking, and community organizing for art therapists. Her first art therapy related group she founded online included the Art Therapy Student Networking Forum in 1999 while still in graduate school. In 2008, she foundeded The Art Therapy Alliance, an on-line professional network leveraging social media and connection to promote art therapy, the work of art therapists, and build community. Gretchen also created the online community 6 Degrees of Creativity in 2011 that cultivates creative energy through art making, collaboration, and connection among art therapists, expressive arts therapists, and others around the world.

Gretchen's additional contributions in relationship to art therapy, networking, and social or digital media include teaching, presenting, and serving on or organizing special projects related to these topics.